At Farfalla, we take joy in helping people share butterflies with their loved ones, whether it's to honor cherished memories at a Celebration of Life or to release fluttering butterflies into the air at weddings. Our customers often tell us they will always remember the joy and wonder of these experiences. 

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How can butterflies make an event more memorable?

Butterflies transform the ambiance and leave a lasting impression at weddings, parties, and Celebrations of Life. Before releasing, the butterflies need to be acclimated outside their cooler box for about 45 minutes to warm up and prepare to fly. 

They can be released several dozen at a time from a decorative mass release box, or individually from envelopes. At events, some customers designate participants to release butterflies from envelopes or a mass release box and often accompany the moment with poems, vows, or speeches. 

How can guests get good pictures with butterflies?

In warmer weather, the butterflies become more active, displaying an enchanting “fluttery” dance in the air. However, this heightened activity can pose a challenge for photographers as the butterflies move faster, making it trickier to capture those picturesque moments. 

To increase the likelihood of having a butterfly land on them, event guests can wear bright colors that will attract the butterflies’ attention, especially red, orange, and blue. Positioning themselves in well-lit areas where sunlight bathes the surroundings increases their chances of becoming a landing spot for butterflies. 

What kinds of conditions can butterflies be released in?


The outside temperature plays a crucial role in the success of a butterfly release. It’s recommended that the temperature be at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) or higher. 


Full sun is preferable. Sunshine is key to a vibrant and picturesque butterfly release. Butterflies are ectothermic creatures, meaning they rely on external temperatures to regulate their body heat. Full sun provides them with the warmth they need to take flight and move gracefully through the air. The radiant sunlight also accentuates the vivid colors of the butterflies’ wings, creating a stunning visual spectacle. 

Minimal Wind

Although gentle breezes can add a touch of elegance to a butterfly release, strong winds are not conducive to a successful event. High winds can disrupt the butterflies’ flight patterns, making it challenging to land gracefully. Choosing a location shielded from strong gusts ensures the butterflies can take flight and flutter gently. 


Although rain won’t harm butterflies, raindrops can weigh them down and impede their flight. A rain-free day ensures the butterflies are at their best, ready to enchant everyone with grace and beauty.

  • Painted Ladies

    Painted ladies are a popular, reliable species of butterfly able to be shipped to and released in most areas of the United States. With a wingspan of approximately 2-3 inches, they are smaller than the Monarch butterfly. 

  • Monarch butterflies

    Monarch butterflies are not legal to handle or release in California without a scientific permit. Monarchs are best enjoyed from a distance wherever you’re lucky enough to see them, nectaring on flowers or laying their eggs on milkweed! 

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