Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars by the Dozen ~ Raise Monarch Butterflies at Home ~ Wait list

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars by the Dozen ~ Raise Monarch Butterflies at Home ~ Wait list

$ 45.95


 Live Butterflies and Monarch Caterpillars must be ordered separately from other products.

 Please read prior to placing your order.

 ~Taking Pre-orders ~

Our Monarch caterpillars are available sporadically in the spring, summer, and early fall only.
Please be ready to receive your monarch caterpillars. Have plenty of pesticide-free milkweed available and please do your research on raising Monarchs.  Unfortunately, our time during the busy butterfly season is limited and we are not able to help with monarch rearing. Simple instructions are available when requested by email.
Once you've placed your order you will be put on our waitlist and orders are filled, first come first served.  Monarch caterpillars will be available starting in the spring, we will send you a confirmation email asking if you are ready to receive your caterpillars on a certain date, (usually 1- 2 days after receiving the confirmation email). You must reply to that email within the time specified or we will not ship your order until the next batch is ready. That is usually about a week later, sometimes earlier. If you are not ready for your caterpillar order, just let us know when you will be ready. Once shipped, please look for notifications in your email inbox.  We use overnight shipping and you will get a tracking number.  Deliveries are usually made by 10:30 am, the morning after being shipped.  If you are in a more rural area, your delivery could be either by noon or by 4:30 pm. 
Someone must be home to receive your order when it is delivered.
Caterpillars cannot be left outside in their shipping box.  
Monarch caterpillars must be brought in and put on fresh milkweed as soon as delivered. They are shipped with just enough milkweed for their trip to you're home. 
We ship healthy caterpillars, raised under strict standards of procedure and cannot be responsible for any Illness that they may encounter when in the hands of others. If there is any problem with the caterpillars upon arrival please let us know by email within 20 minutes of delivery.
Shipping is not included. Please choose the appropriate shipping method at checkout.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at: