30 dozen Painted Lady Butterflies

30 dozen Painted Lady Butterflies

$ 1,020.00
Please read the important information below before ordering!

Butterflies cannot be ordered together with release boxes.  Please place a separate order for your release box.


Painted Lady butterflies are smaller than the Monarch butterfly. The Painted Lady has a wingspan of approximately 2 - 3 inches.  Its wings are orange, brown, and white in color.  It is a wonderful friendly butterfly to release!

All butterflies will be packed and shipped in glassine envelopes. Will you be doing a mass release or an individual release?  If you are doing a mass release you can purchase a mass release container from this link.
 Butterflies must be released at least 2 hours before sunset.  We cannot guarantee a successful release unless the temperature outside is at least  67 degrees F and there is no rain or strong winds. Prior to placing your order, please check the weather for the date, time of day, and location of your release. No refunds will be given for bad weather.

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 Please enter your release date or any other instructions you might have.

Shipping is not included. Please select the appropriate shipping method at checkout. FedEx charges $15 more SATURDAY DELIVERIES. If you need a Saturday delivery we will send you an invoice for $15 which must be paid in advance. 

Someone must be home to receive your order when it is delivered. Butterflies cannot be left outside in their shipping box. Butterfly release and care instructions will be emailed to you, and/or will be shipped along with your order.