Butterfly Care and Release Instructions

When you receive your butterflies,  take the ice pack at the bottom of the box out of the package and put it in the freezer. The ice pack can be used again if traveling with your butterflies. Take your butterflies still in the shipping box and put them in the refrigerator, not the freezer! The butterflies will have the insulated cooler around them so they won’t get too cold. With this packaging, you can put the whole package in your refrigerator after removing the ice pack, for up to 48 hours. Your butterflies must be kept cool until about 45 minutes before the release. They must warm up before they can fly. Let them warm in a shady spot if it is hot out. The cooler the outdoor temperature, the more time they will need to warm up. It must be at least 68 degrees for the butterflies to fly.

Individual butterfly releases…Butterflies in individual envelopes can be handed to each guest, just before the release. Please be sure that each guest knows that they are holding a live butterfly.  When it is time for the release your guests can open the envelope, allowing the butterfly to slide out into the palm of their hand or by offering their finger to help lift it out.  It may sit on your finger for a few moments or longer before flying. Their first flight may be short and they usually fly towards a bright splash of color such as flowers.

Releasing butterflies from our mass release container Not to worry, your butterflies have been put in the release box(s) for you. It’s easy; just open the container to release. The butterflies will not come out like an explosion, but they will flutter and fly out.  Some may be a little lazy.  You can reach in or gently tap the release container to nudge them along if they are hesitant to fly. Those butterflies are also perfect for photo opportunities. It’s perfectly fine to gently handle the butterflies.

Photos and videos…Here are some specific techniques that should help. Try to capture a specific moment and a specific butterfly.  Get as close to your subject as possible.  Do not try to capture the butterflies against the sky as it will be very difficult to see the butterflies in flight; they will appear very small and in some cases be impossible to see.  Since butterflies will fly toward bright objects, including flowers, wait for one to land and photograph it.  You may want to reserve a few butterflies specifically for photography purposes.  These can be left in the cooler.  When you remove them from the cooler, they will be cool and will not fly for some time.  Carefully pick them up with wings folded between your second and third fingers.  Place them where you want them and shoot.  In the sun, the wings will act as solar panels and as they begin to warm up, they will become more active and will soon take flight.  Before that time, however, there should be time enough to take some pictures!

 Butterflies must not be released during strong winds or rain.  They must be released at least a couple of hours before sunset, so they can find nectar and a place to roost for the night.

We cannot guarantee a successful release unless the temperature is 68 degrees or higher and there is no rain or heavy wind.

We hope this has been helpful, and wish you and your guests a truly delightful experience.